Monday, February 6, 2012

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. as i mentioned, my sister haley came to town to spend a few day with me and the boy and the hubs....and stella. we had such an amazing time together. she's always just such a breath of fresh air. we crammed a weeks worth of activities into 48 hours - there were bike rides, beach trips, zoo tours, and sushi. it was perfect.
2. although i don't want to ruin the magic of the zoo for all of you i have to say that going to the zoo with someone who's profession is zoo keeping really is insightful! i learned so much about the zoo. not only some interesting facts about the animals and the names of some of the animals that i love and new nothing about, but also some trickery that zoos pull on us commoners.  very interesting folks. very interesting.
3. this seems a little silly and vain, but i died my hair back darker after about 5 months of being a very light red head, and wanting to shave all my hair off. here's the thing with me and red hair....i love it, but unless i really take the time to color it often and style it every single day.....i hate it. so back to the dark side. and miraculously the past few days i have loved my hair again.
4. we decided on a last minute trip up to orlando to visit our family friends the weekley's. friday night after the hubs got home from work we drove up. we arrived late to find a house full of kids, not only the two little weekley nuggets, but also the hubs old high school friends and their two daughters. it was a chaotic mess of giggles and bouncing. the boy was super shy at first but in no time he was chasing the girls and eating cookies. i am pretty sure that it was the latest that he's ever stayed up, he finally crashed around midnight.
5. momma weekley and i stayed up way past our bedtimes as well. with wine in hand we swapped stories of motherhood. i love spending time with mary so much. she's one of those mom's who is totally straight up, she doesn't sugar coat parenting stories, she shares every dirty little detail in a way that usually has me laughing in ways that would make a weaker woman tinkle. you know that web sensation "shit girls say"? well i swear that someone should have been taping us because it was totally "shit moms say" and it was hilarious. and i quote..."you know what i need? i need something really cool, you know like a fanny pack! - mary"
6. saturday morning we woke up foggy eyed and early. i think all the kiddos were a bit cranky from the late night partying, but once we got them up and moving and broke the news that we were headed to sea world everyone one was excited to start the day. heck i even started it with only one cup of coffee! so this was the boys first trip to sea world and it was magic! it was such a great day of laughter, marine life, melt downs, and dippin' dots. we even scored season passes so we will be heading back i the near future. you should totally check out the hubs blog about our recent trips to sea world and the fair....awesome perspective from the mans eyes!
7. i had the most delicious cupcakes this weekend! red velvet cheese cake! and my favorite thing about them was the lack of frosting.  i convinced/forced mary to share the recipe with me so that i could share it with keep your eye out for that this week!
8. i am not sure that i would have made it through the week without some phone calls and texts from my step mom/best friend. she's my go to when the boy is giving my a run for my money. she always offers the best advice on how to deal with his insanity....even if that advice is opening a bottle of wine. haha. thank you lisa for checking up on me so much this week.
9. ok so the hubs and i don't watch football (or any other organized team sports really) it's just not our deal. but for some reason last night we found our selves involved in the 4th quarter of the super bowl. well, not really for some reason....i knew exactly why i was watching it. you see the season premier of the voice was starting after the super bowl and i was so concerned that the game would run over and ruin my recording of one of my favorite shows. but low and behold i found myself cheering and screaming at the tv. i was happy to see the giants win. not that i really cared or know much about either team, but you see my grand father and cousin are the biggest giants for their sake, and the sake of their wives i was pulling for the giants. great job boys.
10. after a week of craziness and traveling i have to admit that i am super thankful for the tropical storm that we are dealing with's giving me and the boy to snuggle in our pj's all day. yeah that's right....tropical storms in february.


  1. Totally having a PJs and cartoon day here too. It's been a rough week in the Burton house. So jealous you went to Sea World, it's my favorite park ever. We took the girls 2 summers ago, but I'd love to take them back soon.

  2. I'm honored and tickled pink to be called a best friend by you... You are truly a BEAUTY!


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