Thursday, February 2, 2012

thankful thursday

this little quote is coming into my life on a day that i really need it. it's funny how those things happen.  

i am sitting hear on the verge of pulling my hair out over the boys insane behavior lately. i find myself at wits end wondering what to do. i feel like i have tried everything.  but then i stop. think. reflect. there are so many things about the boy that i have to be thankful for! 

i am the proud parent of one strong willed and brilliant little boy. he must be brilliant because he's found a way to make his zen mommy loose her cool! haha.  

amongst all the craziness and timeouts there are these moments where i look at him and think about the miracle of this little creature that the hubs and i created. the boy is healthy, strong, intelligent, and so stinkin adorable.  he has these dance moves that make me giggle every time, he has the ability to make strangers laugh, and a serious love for nature. he's everything i ever dreamed of, minus the tantrums....which (fingers crossed) will pass.

and on a totally different never realize how much you enjoy the little things until they are gone! i am doing little at home experiment to determine if my swollen lymph nodes in my armpits are due to  a reaction from my deodorant.  i have decided to go au natural today....and peee ewww! how i do enjoy and miss you deodorant....even if you are giving me armpit cancer. 

for the rest of you that can not smell me....enjoy the little things! be grateful! and have a wonderful week!

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