Friday, February 17, 2012

homemade nutella ice cream

hi. my name is erin. and i am addicted to nutella. i have been clean for 2 and half years, well that is until i saw this recipe.

ok folks, here is the deal! if i could have a nutella IV and not turn into jabba the hut....i would.  after having the boy i craved nutty flavors and could eat an entire 5lb bag of trail mix in one sitting and would eat peanut butter by the spoonful. then i found out that the boy, who was breast feeding at the time, was having a really hard time digesting all that nutty goodness.

{peanuts+breast feeding = poo-splosions!} 

so i though i would replace the peanut butter with nutella (which i had never tried before).  i was hooked at first bite!  postpartum depression addiction! i would put it on everyting! i could seriously eat half a loaf of bread covered in nutella and it wouldn't even phase me. then it hit me....holy nutella hips! while i was packing down the nutella i was also packing on the lbs! and quick!

so in an effort to loose the baby weight, i went cold turkey. no more nutella. at first i couldn't even walk down that aisle at the grocery store. that sweet little brown jar would taunt me. call to me. sometimes try to jump in to my cart.  but my will was strong!

well, approximately 982 days latter, whose counting?  i found myself standing in "that aisle" staring at that gooey, chocolatey, nutty, evil jar.....the big jar too for pete's sake.  because after this long the little jar wasn't going to cut it.  quickly i grabbed the jar and through it into the cart like nothing had happened. i had myself fully convinced that i was strong enough to not tear into it and eat the entire tub before getting home. all for what? a simple recipe that contained more fruit than nutella. (therefore it must be good for me.....right?) **note: i am proud do admit that i have only dipped my finger in the jar one time, and have not spread nutella on anything since purchasing it....

1 cup nutella
6 bananas 
1 tbsp dark cocoa poweder (optional)

step 1:

chop up bananas.
combine all your ingredients in your blender.

step 2:

{my blender took the crap of death mid-blending so I had to switch to my mini food processor}
once smooth (i ended up with more banana chunks then i really wanted), transfer to a freezer safe container. i also made some popsicles for the boy.

step 3:

wait for it to freeze. and enjoy


  1. This sounds amazing. A fellow addict...I can't wait to get my fix

  2. this was so delicious!! i added strawberrys too! yummy!! thanks for making an addict out of me!!

  3. Haha..loved reading your blog. I am addicted to nutella ...angers me. I wanted nothing to do with it and even dissed the kids for eating it. My mother in law would send it over, I never purchased it. My 6 year old would eat PB & nutella sandwiches everyday un her sack lunch. She wouldn't touch her sandwich if I used jam. So, anyway, one day here recently, my 3 year old insists I finish her PB & nutella sandwich. OY VEY!!!! I was hooked. I was eating 2 a day...put them n the freezer until they got real cold. Longest 5 minutes of my life. ....after all this being said, I feel your pain and shared in the weight gain. I too went cold turkey on it! But I see this recipe and I may try it. In moderation of course. Thank you for sharing and making me laugh along the way. Mandy

    1. Oh Mandy! I am so happy to have you here! Glad you got a little giggle! Please keep reading and sharing! Can't wait to hear from you again!


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