Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY: hall clock face lift

after sitting on the sofa staring at our completely boring hall clock for so long i decided that i had had enough. i can't complain too much about the clock as it was a gift from my mother-in-law.  disclaimer: she has impeccable taste....this clock however was in her living room so that my father-in-law could read it.  it drove her crazy that there was no time telling device in our house, as we always just used our phones or watches to tell the time, so she brought this one down to our house to hang in the hall where it could be seen from the living room.

so back to the face lift - no pun intended there...well maybe a little pun. hehe

here is what you will need:
1 unassuming wall clock
1 12x12 piece of chalk board paper or other scrapbook paper
a few tools
paint (if you so desiree)

step 1:

simply take the clock apart. now i say simply, but the hubs did all the handy work for this i can't say for sure how "simple" it was. my only advice though is to keep all the small working parts together, organized, and in some sort of order as to which they were removed.

step 2:

trace to face of the clock onto your 12x12 paper.

step 3:

cut out the traced image.

step 4:

i decided to paint the hands of the clock a chalky white. for two major reasons. one....i wasn't going to be able to see the black hands against the black chalkboard paper. and two....i wanted to keep with the theme and make the hands look chalky too.

step 5:

the hubs came up with the brilliant idea of making the old face into a template to make sure that we put the numbers in the exact right places....brilliant that man of mine is!

step 6:

mark the numbers onto the face of the clock.

step 7:

we decided after the fact to add tick marks on the rest of the clock, and then reassembled it. as we were putting it back together we also decided to ditch the second hand.

and viola...there you have it...our new and improved hall clock!

i am not sure why it took us a year to get around to doing this, maybe it was the house hold clock overhaul that took place a few weeks ago....the boy started complaining about all the antique clocks hanging in the house that didn't tell the time....specifically the vintage mickey mouse clock that hangs in his room.

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