Monday, February 13, 2012

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. we were stuck indoors for most of the week due to some freak tropical storm that came lingering through. well the boy and i had finally had it and i told him to get his rain boots and bathing suit on. we waited for a break in the rain and marched outside on a mission to stomp in every single puddle in the neighborhood. man was it fun!
2. my mother in law came into town for a few days this week. we had so much fun going out to dinner for my birthday. we went to the old key lime house. it was our first time there and instantly became a new family favorite! can't wait to go back!
3. the hubs and i got out of town for a night alone. well really the hubs had to work in orlando and i just tagged along for the ride. but we did squeeze in some alone time...i mean it's only been a whole year since we got to spend the entire night alone.
4. while in orlando i went to my absolute favorite salon of all time ever, alchemy! a super cute new hair cut. thanks for your brilliant work trish! i also had an entire afternoon to myself. all alone. it's weird being alone when you are so used to having a toddler sidekick. i wandered the streets of college park on my own time schedule. looked at every single article of clothing at a vintage/re-sale shop. ate lunch in silence. sat in a park and read.  and i hate to admit it, but i didn't get lonely once...not for one second. it was kinda the best afternoon i've had in a long time.
5. the hubs and i got to spend some time with his/our best friend as well, uncle boom (that's what the boy calls him). a.k.a dennis brought us to his favorite tattoo shop and the hubs and i got our ink fix. i did it. i finally got my finger mustache tattoo.
6. my dad and step mom got me a kindle fire for my birthday. i never knew how badly i wanted one until i had it. at first i was completely overwhelmed by the technology and afraid to let the boy touch it. but after playing with it non-stop for a few days i have finally warmed up to it. and the boy, well the boy loves it as well.
7. the hubs got me a my very first iphone for my birthday! let's just say i am obsessed!
8. so i never really understood why people were such angry bird geeks. it was only last week that i was telling the hubs that i just didn't get the draw. i didn't understand why every store that i went in was selling  angry bird plush toy, t shirts, coffee mugs, and any other paraphernalia that they could slap a triangle shaped bird onto.  this is where i hang my head in shame. the hubs and i have been playing it non-stop since getting the kindle. i swear they should call it crack birds. it really is like crack.
9. i got new plates for my birthday from the mother in law. while this may sound silly to some, i have been dying for plane bone white china for a long time. i had long grown tired of the plates that we received for wedding gifts. i mean white goes with everything, and i wanted something that i could mix and match with my few random pieces of fiesta ware. i am in plate love!
10. we went to a birthday party this weekend for tanner, one of the boys besties. it was a super fun party at twisters, a kids gymnastics place. it was so awesome to see the boy and his friends completely fearless and bouncing around. and i am not going to lie i got such a huge kick out of the red power ranger character that showed up, per tanners request. i almost peed myself laughing at the horror on kelly's face as she not only discovered that the power ranger was most definitely a woman, but that she admittedly couldn't really play with the kids because she "couldn't really see out of her costume"....her costume, might i add, was completely falling apart. if you know kelly, then you know that she doesn't half ass anything, especially when it comes to costumes....i could see her eye start to twitch as she thought about running to her car to get her glue gun and fix this power ranger up. this is one of the many reasons i love you kelly! moral of the story....tanner loved the power ranger and not one child mentioned the fact that he/she had boobs!

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