Monday, April 21, 2014

My Baby's 6 Months Old!

Obviously not my big baby! 
He's almost 5, which is another mind blowing fact.

The younger, sweeter baby which I am referring to….
Sparkle & Stone.

It struck me the other day, 
after my very first Colorado market,
that all of this crazy snowballing dream was really 
coming to fruition.
All of my hard work and literal bloody stumps 
and endless chipped and broken nails
were for a reason.
Something was really happening here,
and people were actually liking it.

Thinking about the fact that it's only been 
6 months since our very first market makes my jaw hit the floor.
While it seems like just yesterday, it also feels 
like we've been doing this for so much longer.

But the point of all of this isn't to 
boast about how awesome the past 6 months have been.
(although they have been pretty fucking awesome!)
The real point of all of this is to recognize the 
real reason behind all of the success.

First and foremost,
I have to thank my husband.
Not only was his choice to shake up our family 
dynamic a huge catalyst for me finally 
getting off my ass and chasing down my dream,
but it was also a great use of his free time to be my 'do boy'.
This man has run the gamut for me.
I have had the craziest of request 
for construction work on table displays.
He has sat countless hours at markets by my side 
selling things to all kinds of crazy bitches.
And all the while with a giant smile on his face,
most likely cursing me through his teeth, 
but a smile on his face none the less.
If it were not for him,
I literally couldn't do this.

The second person, 
my original baby, Ash.
This kid is a champ.
I will leave out all of the bribes and threats 
that I've delved out to this kid over the past 6 months,
and say this….
All those long hours and shit eating grins,
the boy has done 'em too.
Not many kids could pull it off like he can either.
Trust me I've seen it.
He's become quite the salesman,
and loves nothing more than being my 
"assistant" on market days.
You can tell by the crazed look in his eyes
in the picture above that sugar is involved.
Lots of sugar.

Lastly, You guys.
All my Bitches.
(I mean that in the least threatening kind of way.)
The people that love me and support me 
are really the reason that 
all of the time and work has become a success.
I have met some really amazing people in the past few months.
You guys are the inspiration and the drive.
There isn't a single market that goes by that I don't 
leave with a new friend/customer.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I can't thank you all enough for all of this.

While I am throwing out thank you's,
I also have to give a great big shout out to 
a new friend/customer, Lauren Defilippo.
Lauren is also new to CO,
descending from NYC.
As soon as I learned this about her,
found out she was a photographer,
and realized how totally awesome she was,
I knew we had to be friends.
Lauren was at the Denver HaHo,
photographing the event and was so kind to share these 
images that she captured of our booth.
Thank you so much Lauren for capturing something that I 
never have time to, and for being totally RAD!

Check out her website…

...and while you are perusing the inter webs…
click the "SHOP" button above to head over to 

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  1. So proud of you and this is such a great picture!


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