Monday, April 28, 2014

The Children's Peace Garden

This past weekend we took our first trip out to 
for the Kid's Bee Earth Day Festival.

We got up close and personal with baby goats.
Turns out they are a lot like puppies.
They want to play and snuggle and eat.

We also mastered the art of a "creative" butterfly mask.
The little girl in the background made it very clear to 
Ash that she didn't approve of his thinking out side the box,
BUT I totally dug his crazy mask.

We even got to dig into the earth in the great pursuit for earth worms.
We found none in the heat of the afternoon,
however we did find a millipede, a large part of a rib bone, and a small pool ball.

We even ran into some of our favorite friends,
and climbed and explored all the farm equipment for a while.

We learned about bee hives, and how we can help keep the bees healthy.

And then I learned that not only do I have one brave little boy,
but also the cutest dang bee keeper in town! 

After a stroll through the community gardens,
the hubs taught he boy how to use a magnifying glass to start a fire….

…and search for bugs in the plants.

We had the very best time and if you are local and never seen the 
Growing Gardens, I suggest that you go! 
Like them on Facebook to keep up with
their upcoming events
Like summer camps for kids,
plant sales, and cooking courses for the grown ups. 

I can't wait to hang out in the gardens more often! 
We will be hitting up their plant sale in the next few weekends as 
well as heading out in early May to help plant the 
raspberry and strawberry fields! 
Not to mention the magical 2 weeks of  summer camp 
that the boy get to spend their! 


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