Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. irish fest! still can't believe that i got to see paddy noonan and he remembers my great grandmother! paddy is an irish entertainer who also does guided summer bus tours of ireland. my great grandmother went summer after summer for longer than i can remember, and her last tour she brought me with her. it was so nostalgic seeing him again, and just being at the festival. grandma would have loved it. what a great F.F.D.
2. fining out angela & james got engaged. wish they lived closer so we could do an engagement shoot.
3. the arrival of baby kaleb.
4. the 90 minute shirt. even though it took me a whole lot longer my first try making them.
5. making clothes without patterns.
6. my recent obsession with grooveshark. if you don't know what it is, check it out.
7. chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts. they are evil and delicious.
8. harvesting veggies at the pioneer garden. i applied for their volunteer program so hopefully this will become a regular event for me and the boy.
9. tonights cold salmon and raw veggie pizza.
10. this weeks trip to the "apple store" (that's what the boy calls's just the produce stand though). ash had so much fun there this last visit. he asks every day if we can go there. he likes to help me carry the basket and pick out what he wants to eat. i also think that he's really into the mariachi music that is always playing there. oh that reminds me that i want to check out the band mariachi el bronx on grooveshark.

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