Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i mean raw!
haha... so there has been a lot of question about this raw veggie pizza i've been making lately, so i thought i would break it down for you.

there really isn't much of a recipe to share here, but i can tell you how i make it.
for this particular pizza i used:
green peppers
portabella mushrooms
homemade banana pepper relish
left over salmon

the "sauce" is made of :
1 part plain cream cheese
1 part onion and chive cream cheese
greek seasoning

for the crust i use a pre-made boboli pizza crust. (i know this totally goes against the new plan, but lets just face it, some processed food is there to make a mom's life easier).

here is just how easy it is.
1. pre-heat oven to the specific directions for the pizza dough/crust of your choice.
2. mix all the ingredients for the cream cheese spread.
3. toast pizza crust and then let cool for about 15 min.
4. spread on cream cheese
5. load it up with all your veggies (i like to give the pile a good press into the cream cheese to help hold it all in place)

so that's it. super easy. get creative. i have made this many ways with many different veggies. it's always delicious! as a side note, i usually cut extra veggies and make more cream cheese sauce than i need to have as a snack for the boys, the sauce makes such a great veggie dip.

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