Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. i received one of the nicest text messages this week. i think that friends should say more things like this to each other. i have been trying to pay it forward ever since this showed up in my inbox:
ma weeks: "addicted to your blog and have fallen more in love with you. really want to see your clothes. i've always wanted to make my own too! you are inspiring!"
2.seattle's best #3. loving that seattle's best coffee finally made buying coffee easy. i always get sucked in to the pretty labels and fufu flavors, but when it comes down to it, i just really want a good cup of medium roast coffee.
3. dino tails.....and the cuteness that ensues when the boy wears his all day. this is hands down on of my favorite things that i have ever made.
4. eggplant dip. the awesome melissa testa of gourmet all the way shared this recipe with me. it was so delicious and so easy. it was the first time i had ever cooked with eggplant, so i was a bit intimidated, but it's all apart of the new plan. next on the list of veggies to try...yuca.
5. the new plan (nice segway right?). i always have tried to balance the healthy with the indulgent. the new plan involves a major swing in the ratio between real food that grows to processed foods. so far it's been a lot of fun stepping outside my culinary box.
6. kleenex. for my snot nosed monster.
7. surprise visitor ryan mcclean.
8. the last ballet class of the semester. i am so sad that class is over for the next few weeks. i met some really amazing women in that class (even though they were all over the age of 65), and can't wait to spend my saturday mornings with them again.
9. a giant $3 yard sale score. you wont believe all the stuff i found. pictures soon.
10. a fantastic family fun weekend. it was full of walks and throwing rocks into the inter-coastal and bike rides and amazing dinners. can't wait for the next one. hope you all had a great weekend too.

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