Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. easter bunny shopping....with the boy. it's trickier when they are two. turns out my "look....there's a dino!" trick doesn't work that well anymore. i tried so hard to hide all the stuff, but i guess i wasn't that smooth.
2. a killer bike ride to the local watering hole with the boy.
3. lake lytal playdate with the ladies and all the boy's best buds.
4. the 3 hour nap the boy took after that playdate. love those extra hours.
5. a night time drive across the state with the family. we went to lakeland for easter weekend. we took our normal s.r. 60 route, but we did it at dusk. it was really interesting to see the so called night life. took an amazing picture of the sunset. i'll post it later.
6. trying to explain easter egg hunting to the boy. then trying to talk him down off a ledge by reminding him that the easter bunny only brings baskets to the good kids. then listening to him recite the entire contents of his future basket. yeah, this was friday. guess i wasn't so smooth after all.
7. getting to see my mother in law for the weekend. she is such a kind and loving woman.
8. sitting up late on the floor and crafting with the hubs. we got to do this twice this week. we made tp tube chalk for the boy earlier in the week. we haven't tried them out yet, but i think if the rain stops it will be happening first thing in the morning. we also started working on some masks for the hubs annual conference. they are having a mardi gras themed party, and we volunteered to make masks for a small group of friends. they are so much fun.
9. finely meeting baby kaleb. he is such a sweet and calm little boy. he actually reminded me a lot of the boy when he was that age. i also got to see the bumpers and blanket that i made for him in action. they look so great in his little pirate room. big congrats to chris and kelly! kaleb is amazing.
10. easter morning with my amazing little man. watching the amazement and wonder in his eyes while searching for eggs in nana's magical backyard and changing a plain carton of eggs into a colorful party in a box was a huge reminder of what it's all about.

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  1. can't wait to see baby k's photos!


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