Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. movie monday. monday's are always a big catch up on laundry from the weekend day for me. so the boy and i have started a loose tradition of movie mondays. he's happy and entertained for at least 2 hours so i can tackle the mountain of washing and folding. this week we even got a new movie....robots, it's cute.
2. tuesday nights tuna melts
3. having 200+ page views in one day. you guys are so awesome, and i couldn't have done it without you. we also did an impromptu giveaway, just because i was so excited!
4. the hubs took an afternoon off this week so that i could go surfing. i was really excited about some buzz that i heard about possible waves. mind you i had not been surfing in about 7 years. the waves were crap. choppy with a strong rip current. i didn't stand up. mostly tried to keep my head above water. but it was worth every second of it. there is something about the stoke.
5. homemade bath salts for little miss humble bumble b (she was the winner of the 200+ giveaway). bath salts are so easy to make and are such a great gift. be on the look out for a tutorial on making your own coffee & cinnamon bath salts.
6. two play dates in one day. the boy has two different groups of friends and i love it when days fall in line and we have two dates. we had an a.m. science museum date and then an afternoon swimming session. such a fun day.
7. one of the best foodie blogs i have seen in a while, my new roots. not only does the food look delicious (and i am not even a vegetarian), but the pictures look delicious too. i am dying to make these raw vegan brownies.
8. a quart of super grandmas homemade ranch dressing. i think i have put on 10lbs this week because i just can't get enough of this stuff.
9. super fun daddy and boy time. i was very busy this weekend, which meant the hubs and the boy got to spend a ton of quality time together. they had a blast with new additions to the train set, long bike rides, and lots of side walk art.
10. a family photo session with the burton family. check out all the fun we had!

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