Tuesday, April 26, 2011

joys of parenting: a boys best friend

everyday at 4:30 on the dot socks, the neighborhood cat, starts his strut down the street to the neighbors house for dinner. and everyday at 4:31 when socks passes our house stella barks. she barks as if she were saying, "get away from my house! i hate you! hurry up, why do you walk so slow!" like face pressed up against the glass, attack dog style. and everyday at this time i tell stella to shut up. (which started when she was a pup and there was a great all girl punk band called "shut up stella")

well today was just like every other day. socks was right on time, stella lost her mind, and i yelled "shut up stella" from the kitchen.

except today stella had someone else on her team. from the kitchen i heard "bark bark bark" & "go away cat". this is what i came out to see.

stella sure is lucky to have a best friend that always has her back.

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