Friday, April 1, 2011

my momma always said....

so i have been finding myself lately discovering that no matter how hard we try, eventually we turn into our parents. my mother has always been one to see something that she wants or needs and then figures out how to make it. i have been in the making mood lately. and i fell in love with a dress. and call me a megalomaniac, but i can't help but love that this etsy model looks like she could be me, weird.
as my mother once told me, "all crafting really is, is ripping off other peoples ideas and putting your own spin on it."
so i figured out how to make this dress.....

i am so in love with this dress. and i must admit, it didn't work out right the first time. i have a bad habit of rushing through projects that i am really excited about. i was really annoyed with the dress when i put it on for the first time and it was completely wrong, so i put it away for a few days. well i pulled it out yesterday, and i accidentally put it on backwards. well wouldn't you know if it wasn't a perfect fit. i also dropped the draw string in the waist down about 4" and through a belt around it. i can't say enough about how much i love this dress!
thanks mom for helping me work it out! love you.


  1. This looks amazing! Is it jersey cotton? I'm afraid of jersey, everyone says it's hard to sew on. True?

  2. you know, i have been afraid of jersey for awhile too ( and yes, the dress is jersey cotton), but it wasn't that bad. there was a learning curve for sure though.

  3. love it, and the're amazing!


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