Monday, April 11, 2011

thrifty finds.

with all the vacationing and company i've been a bit behind with everything else. so this is two weeks worth of thrifty finds.

the first two were from my favorite kind of garage sale, "the cleaning out of the old lady house". i scored this cutie pie dress and a to die for pristine condition vintage purse for only $2.

then today i hit up my favorite local thrift store and found this linen sport coat for the hubs. for $4, it looks like it's never been worn and it's a perfect fit. and icing on the cake this week was the start of my fiesta ware collection. for years now i have been wanting to start picking up piece by piece, until i had a bit of a collection. i didn't realize that everyone and the mother was collecting and how pricey some of the pieces could get. so i vowed to collect, slowly, and on a budget. i found this set of 8 tea cups and 9 saucers for $5.

have you found any thrifty finds lately that you are proud of?

1 comment:

  1. That Fiestaware is an amazing find. Did you know they're our plates, too? There is a new color called Lemongrass that is to die for. I'm designing my new kitchen around it!


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