Friday, April 15, 2011

"the frenchie" tote giveaway!

"What I love most about Turquoise Violets is the inspiration it provides me to be a crafty, creative mom!"

here it is folk, the fist ever turquoise violets giveaway!
this is "the frenchie" tote. made just for lucky winner! this tote is great for the market or the beach. handmade by me.

the exterior is an olive cotton twill, with a hand embroidered mustache. the mustache was screen printed by the hubs. so cute. the handles are red and cream scraps (from another project you will see soon) of a super soft jersey. they are so comfortable.

the interior is a whimsical white polka dot.

here are the rules:
1. you can enter up to three times for this giveaway.
  • for your first entry, just leave a comment telling me what you love the most about turquoise violets.
  • for your second entry, sign up to be a follower. then leave a comment telling me what you want to see more of from turquoise violets. for those of you that are already followers, just skip to the leaving the second comment second comment. only entries submitted by "followers" will be accepted.
  • for your third entry, post a link of facebook. tell all your friends how much you love this blog and then leave one last comment with a link to your post. only entries submitted by "followers" will be accepted.
2. you have until april 30th at 11:59 pm.
3. the winner will be chosen by first thing may 1st.
4. thanks for playing and good luck!


  1. There are many things I love about this tote.

    1. It can be used for the farmers market, or the beach
    2. It can fit diapers, wipes, and a good book
    3. It was made by an incredibly beautiful and talented lady!

  2. Not sure my last comment went through....but the reason I love Turquoise Violets is being able to keep up with Erin Trumble's Awesome Life! I love how crafty and creative you are! It's always fun to check out your new projects, and yummy food posts. My favorite is..."10 Things I couldn't live without this week"

  3. i am an idiot..i thought we were supposed to write what we liked about that

    Take number 3 as my answer, then add how awesome it is to see your amazing craftiness come alive!

  4. I'd like to see more yummy recipes. BTW, I'm going to try making the Dark Chocolate Zucchini Snack Cake tonight. :)

  5. So I'm not sure how to send a link to my Facebook post, but here's a link to my Profile where you can see my post telling everyone how great your blog is. :) I really do come here pretty much everyday!/angela.bargmann

  6. First to start....Well honestly where to begin.
    The woman behind Turquoise Violets is forever inspiring me.

    -She first inspired me with the relationship she has with her husband and the types of dreams they shared together.

    -Then came Asher. I could only hope to be the mother she is, and the family rock she has become.

    -Now she has done it again. She has managed to take all of her talents and bring them together in Turquoise Violets. This blog not only brings people together with common interests, it is an inspiration for those who have always wanted to itch their creative bug.
    I have always been into crafts and at home projects but never really set aside the time for myself. I am always working or doing “wife stuff”. But if someone I know can work, be a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and still have time to follow her passions, than so can I.

    So with that said.... I love Turquoise Violets not only because of the woman behind it, but because of the inspiration I have to start doing more things for “me time”!!!

  7. what i love most about turquoise violets is the amazing lady behind it, who also happens to be amazingly creative and have super style!

  8. What I love most about Turquoise Violets is the inspiration it provides me to be a crafty, creative mom!

  9. What I want to see from Turquoise Violets is some "How-To" on things. That way I can replicate things :)

  10. I agree with Kelly - a "How-To" section would be awesome!


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