Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY: Fascinator aka Tiny Hat

I was so excited when Brenda,
not only told me that she would teach me how to make my own fascinator,
but also that we could share this little DIY on the blog!

So here is what you need:
thick fusible interfacing
fabric glue
needle and thread
fabric hole punch
bobby pins
any decorating supplies you would like

Step 1:

So first you want to start with tracing and cut a circle onto your interfacing
about the size of your hat.

Step 2:

After your circle is cut out, fold it in half.
On the top and bottom of the folded edge, draw a two inch line.
Re-fold again with the opposite sides touching and mark  your two inch line again.

When your circle is laid flat it should have 4 marks like this.
Now cut those lines.

Step 3:

Over lap the edges of the trimed circle and stitch them in place.

Once all four overlapping edges are stitched your hat will stand up like this.

Step 4:

Flip your hat over onto a piece of felt and roughly trace and cut
a wide enough circle to be able to overlap onto the inside of the hat.

Step 5:

Press the felt onto the top side of the hat.
Use the directions for your fusible interfacing.

Step 6:

Taking small sections to keep the edges neat,
fold over and press the edges onto the inside of the hat.

Step 7:

Trace and cut another felt circle and press it into the inside of the hat.

Use your fabric glue to secure the over lapping edges
You can use a fabric hole punch to puncture three holes close to the edge of the hat.
Use bobby pins through the holes to secure the hat to your hair.

Step 8:

I was trying to make a hat that I saw on Pinterest.
You can see it here in My Pinterest Closet.
So I used gold acrylic paint to paint polka dots on to the top of the hat.
Use your imagination to decorate your own.
With these fancy little hats, anything goes!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh man you should see some of the hats she's made! They are to die for!


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