Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 52

I am not sure what it is about you two.
All day I have to repeatedly tell you two to separate.
I have to break up growling matches,
and try and prevent nips on the hand and wads of fur being removed.
I can see it in her eyes that you driver her crazy 
constantly chasing her around.
I am sure that it drives you crazy that she just won't let you
keep her in a choke hold.
Either way,
there is a definite air of frustration between you two.

But then it's it bath time,
and she won't leave you side.
There is a tiny sense of protection mixed with a sheer love for water
that I am sure ignites her desire to be half way in the tub.
But I'll be damned that if in those 20-30 minutest that you are soaking
in your own filth,
she is your very best friend and you are hers.

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