Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The End of A Cleanse

Well it's over, and to be honest,
week 3's menu was so unappealing that we kinda 
just faked the last week.
Sticking to ingredient guidelines we decided to
take our diet decisions into our own hands.

What ever it was about being on this particular 
cleanse for so long did something to us.
We noticed a change, and not just the obvious
weight loss.
We noticed ourselves really truly feeling better
and making better decisions about food.

At "the end" we splurged with pizza
and pasta and sodas, and you know what....
we felt like shit.
Who knew? Well I guess we could have guessed it.

So after decided that we didn't want to gain the weight back and sink
right back into old habits, 
we have decided to make this change a bit more permanent.
While we are NOT by any means going to be following a strict diet
of only rabbit food, we will be using some of the recipes and eating clean-er.

I was so excited to get back onto the coffee train,
but I must admit it's just not the same.
I used to use a delicious powdered sweet processed creamer.
Well I cut that out because of all of the chemical-ish ingredients.
 For a substitute I started using almond milk and honey.
It just wasn't doing it for me, and I was finding myself 
making cups (for the ritual of it all) and only drinking half of them.

I am going to be skipping the daily 3-4 cups from here on out.
Not to say that I will stop drinking it all together, it will just
be more of a special occasion type of thing now.

I am going to try a Chicory Root smoothie substitute out 
and I will let you know how that works out and share the recipe.

This has become one of my favorite meals, 
Baked Salmon with Coconut Broth.
After making it the first time while on the cleanse,
I proclaimed to the hubs that he would be seeing this one again and again.
Really this is not problem for him, he thinks it's super yummy too.
I followed this recipe
but added some purple cabbage and a hand full of sweet peppers.

So all in all, I am so happy that we did this 
grueling cleanse and even more excited that I had such great 
support from the hubs and our friends.
I could have never done it with out all the encouragement.
Thanks you all so much.


  1. Congratulations! I know it couldn't have been easy but you should be proud! I've been starting to play with the idea of a full on cleanse but we definitely aren't ready for that yet. My detox bath post is up! I was a tad bit disappointed in the results but I'm going to try another one this weekend.

    1. Really the cleanse that we did was easy to follow. It was cutting out the crap that proved to be the harder part at first. I'll have to check out that detox bath! Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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