Monday, March 18, 2013


After a stella early morning play date at the beach,
the boy asked so sweetly and politely if we could have 
lunch on the pier.
I couldn't say no.
The smells of pancakes, bacon, and warm maple syrup filled the air.

He was such a good little man.
He sat quietly and ate every last drop of his lunch,
only stopping in between bites to ask 
questions of 'why' and 'how'

Still in our bathing suits and covered in sand,
we made our way to the farmers market.
I love going there with him.
He makes such wise decisions about food,
and loves when I tell him about all the crazy produce and where it comes from.

After packing up the car full of fresh fruits and veggies,
we took a long stroll through the Nursery.
As we literally stopped to smell every flower,
we found our selves amidst a little game of garden 
hide and seek.

It was a perfect morning and afternoon.
Now if I could only convince him that we should take naps.

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