Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

As I sit here at the crack of dawn, blurry eyed and not quite awake,
I can't help but watch those around me. 
Everyone here is headed for the same adventure to a far away place.
While none of our adventures will be the same.
Those sitting at my gate are obviously headed to the same destination as I am, 
but how similar will our journey's be?

The man next to me grumbles under his breath 
as I politely greet with with a smile and good morning.
He's dressed in a suit so I assume he's headed to New York on business.
His forehead is creased with lines of stress and a life of disgruntled behavior.
He seems angry.
Maybe he's upset that he has to sit next to some purple haired smiling freak.
Maybe he's mad at his secretary for scheduling such an early flight.

There's the lady half way down the terminal who is toting way too much luggage for just one person
and trying to wrangle up her two small children.
I can't help for a minute to be thankful that I am not traveling with the boy today,
and in the next second am cursing myself for not jumping to my feet to go help her.
People all around her are just staring in hopes that they won't be "stuck"
near her on the plane I am sure.

Across from me is an elderly couple.
They are holding hands while they wait to board the plane.
They haven't stopped staring at me.
I can only imagine what they are thinking.
It's funny to me that there is so much judgement today.
Because I look like a Crayola box exploded on me I must be a terrible irresponsible person.
I just smile.
Knowing that I am a wonderful person.
I am secretly waiting for the opportunity to prove their judgments wrong.

I have so much to be grateful for.
I am about to see my favorite lady.
My husband surprised me with the amazing trip.
And that's just what's happing right this very minute.

Recognize the moments in your life that deserve it.
The food and nourishment in your belly.
The roof over your head and the people that make up your individual community.
That stranger sitting next to you.
All of these things may have something to offer you 
if you take the moment to see the gifts inside of them.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful blog! I think you captured everyone's thoughts perfectly. And your closing, I must admit, made me a little misty-eyed.
    Have a fabu time. Hugs and kisses to you and your host/hostess.XOXOXOX


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