Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

this weeks "10 things" list is going to be a little different in honor of mother's day.
today we are going to focus on

"10 mothers i couldn't live without this year"

1. well of corse i have to start with my mom. my mom has gone through a lot of changes this past year and she has done it with so much composure and grace. thank you for teaching me so much about independence and the importance and inner happiness.
2. my step mom has always been one of my best friends and she is always there for me in my times of melt down. she always knows exactly what to say and when to call. just wish she was closer so i could see her every day.
3. when the hubs and i were dating, he told me he always wanted to marry someone just like his mom. i can't lie, this scared me a little at first. 6 years have passed since he first mentioned that and now that i have the relationship with my mother in law that i do, i get it. i totally understand why he would want to marry someone just like his mother. she is a saint, a matriarch, an environmentalist, and an amazing friend and mother. what a compliment that the hubs choose me, that he thinks i am just like his mother.
4. my dear friend mary has always been the mother on the other end of the phone when i don't know what to do. she is a superior mother to two beautiful children. she is also full of information on everything from how to use breast milk storage bags to how to get the boy to eat his veggies. but my favorite this about this mama is that she constantly reminds me how important it is to take a few minutes for me.
5. brenda is a constant motivator. she is so driven to be a great mother, and she is doing one hell of a job. she is also an extremely talented crafter, designer, and seamstress. she's basically wonder woman. i am very lucky to have her as a friend.
6. a huge congrats to the newest mommy i know, kelly h. and it's such an honor to be the mom on the other end of her line. keep those calls coming, i will always be here for you when you need advice on a blow out diaper or just a mom friend. haha
7. kelly w. is not technically a mom, but as all stay at home mom's know, there is a lot of work that goes into it and this lady knows how to work it. kelly is the boys best friends nanny. that's confusing. haha. anyway, kelly is always more prepared and better planned that i could ever be. she keeps emergency toys in her car and another box of toys at her house. she is fun, cool, and crafty. most importantly when i need an outside perspective on how to deal with a 2 year old boy, she always has an innovative answer. thank you for constantly making my think outside the box.
8. carey is a west coast of fl friend. we met doing hair and make up for fashion shows and photo shoots. we had kids and never got to hang out as much as we wanted. but it has taken me moving across the state to really realize how much i wish that we were a bigger part of each others lives. we stay connected and share emails about our beautiful children. i just hope she knows how much i have always looked up to her.
9. for some blog lovin'... i have to give a huge shout out and thank you to dana over at made. she dedicates a month every year to all boy crafts. it's hard to find fresh ideas for boy crafts, and she constantly provides a forum for all of us.
10. last i would just like to give all the moms i know a big thank you. we are sisterhood that can't be broken. and at the drop of a cheerio i would be there for any one of you. everyone of you deserves to have a very special mother's day.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Trumble,
    This is such an awesome post! It brought tears to me eyes and gave me chills all at the same time. I know that I can speak for alot of people when I say 'Thank you!' You are always such an amazing supportive friend who has so many inspiring ideas. I hope you had a fantastic weekend of Mother's Day! Love you!


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