Monday, May 23, 2011

sea shell memories

i just received the most awesome surprise gift from my most favorite mom friends. when i saw the package in the mail box i got super excited but automatically assumed that it was something for the boy. but boy oh boy was i excited to get a little happy in the mail. all the kids (and all the hubs) collected sea shells during our recent trip to long boat key. i have been staring at the boys shell collection wondering what to do with it. (last night we used most of the shells to "beirut" a coiled up object in the tree to determine if it was a was.)

anyway....i am getting side tracked.

"mama weeks" made these adorable candles out of the shells her cuties collected. i just love them, and there is no way that i can bring myself to burn them. thank you so much, you are so clever.


  1. these are wonderful! i am amazed by your craftiness!

  2. don't post that last comment..i am an official idiot....realized you did not make them...although you are crafty and wonderful...apparently you have wonderfully crafty friends as well!

  3. Yay! I made the blog! So glad you liked them. xo


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