Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY: bath salts

alright guys! you ask for it, and here it is. the first of many "how to's" from turquoise violets.

remember the spontaneous 200+ giveaway that i did the other day? well this is the homemade gift that i made for the winner. bath salts are one of my favorite gifts to give. they say "i was thinking about you" in one of the best forms...relaxation. i decided on these for little ms humble bumble b, because there is no one i know that deserves a little relaxation more than this lady! she is one hard working momma!

so here it is.....

coffee & cinnamon bath salts

you will need:
epson salt
olive oil
ground coffee
double boiler (or crock pot)
coffee filter (optional)
jar for your finished salts

step 1:
measure how much salt you will need to fill your jar, i always use this same jar from michael's and i know it holds 2 cups of salt. next you will figure out the amount of oil that you will need. the way i do my measurements is always a 2:1 ratio (2 cups of salt:1 cup of oil). in a separate mason jar mix 1 cup oil, 1 tbsp of cround coffee and 1 tsp cinnamon.

time to set up your double boiler. i use a pot of boiling water and a mason jar. you could also use a small crock pot. bring enough water to cover your oil mixture to a low boil. place your mason jar into the boiling water. let the oil simmer for a few hours. stirring occasionally.

step 3:
once you are satisfied with the strength of the aroma remove jar from oil. be careful, it will be extremely hot. let the oil cool completely. i recommend letting it cool for at least a few hours, if it is still warm at all it will dissolve the salts. once the oil is completely cool pour over the salts.
note: this is the step where your optional coffee
filter will come in. i don't use the filtering method
because i like the added texture of the coffee
grinds. but if you would rather them gone you can
run the oil through a coffee filter, and then into
the salts.

step 4:
fold the oil and salt together gently and that's it, you are done. package however you please. i like to wrap mine with twine and attach a handmade tag. i usually use some recycled bit of the boys art. hope you enjoy these salts that can either be used for soaking in the tub, or in the shower as a scrub. (oh, i like that little poetic slogan....hahaha)


  1. I have a date with these bath salts and my bath tub on Sunday!!! What a perfect way to spend a few minutes relaxing on Mothers Day while I send Josh out with all the kids = ) I can't stop smelling it! It's like you knew my favorite Starbucks was a Cinnamon Dulce Latte!

  2. Angela BargmannMay 5, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    I can't wait to try this! Have you tried any other scents? I'm thinking Lavendar would be nice.

  3. i have made some different scents. i have done a citrus & honey, and a chai tea. i love them all, but i knew brenda would love the coffee & cinnamon the best. lavender would be amazing and i have thought about trying that too. i also want to try rosemary. that's part of the fun with the bath salts!


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