Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. while i know love bugs are a giant pain in the bumper.... the hubs and i couldn't help but laugh about them the entire drive to the west coast. we had to stop 3 times each way to remove the splattered on lovers from the windshield just so we could see.
2. an extra day at LBK. the hubs boss invited all the supervisors and families out a day early this year. what a great treat it was to have an extra day to relax at the beach.
3. watching the boy chase his best girlie friend around the beach for 4 days. he sure is smitten with that little lady.
4. one of the nights that we were gone the boy only slept for 4 hours - he woke up at 3 am and was ready to go for the day. now i am not saying that i couldn't live without that night, trust was a tough one. that night made a few things very clear to the hubs and i: we are very lucky to have a child that rarely has sleeping issues, stick to the plan, and that in any time of trouble its always easier if we work as a team.
5. early morning kite flying will always be one of my favorite family activities.
6. all the great response from the mardi gras masks that we made for our friends. they were a huge hit at the party. what a huge pat on the back for me and the hubs.
7. getting dressed up for the awards dinner. we don't dress up much. we are a t-shirt family. but this annual event is our time to shine. haha i just love seeing the hubs all polished and this year he looked really good! and i got to wear a fancy new dress. did i mention that we didn't take any pictures while on vacation.
8. flip cup?
9. grind for life. i can't believe that we didn't know about this annual lake worth event sooner, but thanks to my friend "the mayor" we found out the day of and we were able to catch a few hours of it before the sky opened up for a much needed rain.
10. today's planned f.f.d. (family fun day) at the lake lytal water park. we love this place.


  1. The girls are jealous Ashyr was having so much fun with another girl ; ) hehe

  2. I love this helps put alot of things in perspective. But it pains me that we are 3 hours away. Miss you terribly. And Kemsiey of course misses Ashyr;)


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