Thursday, May 5, 2011

someone stole my strawberry.

surprisingly enough, it wasn't the boy. he loves the garden and listens very well about not picking things until they are ready. but i am missing a strawberry...must have been a little birdie. i keep a close count on the fruits of our labor, and it is great to see the strawberries growing and ripening, but it has become increasingly obvious that i need more than one strawberry plant to feed this family. this one a day production isn't cutting it. we currently all take a small bite of our homegrown fruit and pass to the next watering mouth. they are the most delicious berries. on a side note i think that the tomato plant has reached the end of it's life cycle. tomato productions has come to a screeching halt and the plant seems to be self destructing.


  1. I wish there was a like button on the blog. Except I would end up "liking" every post. So I have just opened and unpacked my sewing machine and am about to tackle how to set it up. Request: Turquoise violets sewing project instructions. Love you!

  2. i am all over it kelly! i will make you a deal....every time you feel the need to "like" a post, just repost the link on your facebook page. that would be amazing!

    and i am taking requests on sewing projects. what do you want to know?


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