Thursday, May 19, 2011

thrifty finds.

this weeks thrifty finds come from that same amazing thrift store that the hubs found. if you are into old lady fashions like i am this is the place to be. here's what i got:

$3 for a set of two of the cutest and squishiest pillows. i just love this shade of mustard yellow, and our couches could use a little makeover. $0.50 for this vintage elastic belt, couldn't turn that down. and i have been wanting a pair of moccasins for as long as i can remember. found these for just $3 and by the looks of the soles they have never been worn. too bad i will probably have to wait a few months before i can wear's too hot now.


  1. Those pillows rock, I have a belt like that but it's a butterfly, and I want moccasins, too. I must visit that thrift store with you!

  2. they have the most amazing vintage italian leather pumps that have wood platform soles, they are a size 10 though. i might buy them to sell, i try them on every time i am there, my foot just won't grow! haha

  3. My hubby just found me some moccasins that are very similar to those for my b-day! I was very happy with his gift. You will love them, they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

  4. I wear a 9 1/2, maybe they'd fit me?


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