Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. getting my new mk watch sized so i can finally wear it.
2. a long over due water park play date.
3. the boy stealing mangos from the neighbors tree...i will continue to send him on covert missions for the rest of the summer.
4. some fantastic thrifty finds from vita nova, and an amazing $2 yard sale find.
5. my amazing new double whammy dress. i have been doing some research on fabric, trying to price out the best quality jersey so that i can make some of these for you guys! the first run is going to be all black.
6. a ton of fantastic homemade alfredo sauce. the hubs had a hankering for some yummy alfredo, so i combine a couple of recipes and oh boy was it amazing! and there was a ton of it so we have been eating it all week.
7. friday evening swimming with the ladies. there may have been spiked crystal light.
8. a long night of laughing till we cried with the hubs.
9. all my freshly repotted plants. finally separated my violets, repotted the plumeria, and made a beautiful arrangement of succulent clippings.
10. my super duper clean car. the hubs got freaky on the cars today, and boy do they look and smell amazing.

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