Friday, May 13, 2011

what happened to that "week without words"?

well for those of you who read frequently you know that when i do a "week with out words" i normally post a picture from every day that i am on hiatus. well, i'm sorry that this one was a bust. we are home now from the hubs annual work conference. most of the day has been spent cleaning and digging my way out from under a mountain of laundry.
we had an amazing time at the Long Boat Key Club, and can't wait to go back. i guess you could say that we had too much fun, so much that i didn't take a single picture. not even one. i think that there are some floating around out there from friends camera's that i am going to snag, but i was a very bad photographer/blogger for the past 4 days.

it was amazing seeing old friends, some of which these 4 days of the year are the only that i see them anymore, but it's always like we just picked up right were we left off. one of our best friends won the big time operator of the year / "cerebral assassin" award. we are so very proud of him. i also received an amazing michael khors watch as a "thank you from letting us work the shit out of your husband" gift from the hubs boss. it's to die for.

most of all it was just amazing to see the pride on the hubs face all week. pride for his team of managers, pride for his close friends winning highest honors, but mostly for the sheer pride of fatherhood. i tell him all the time what a great dad he is, but i think that when you are told for 4 days straight by all of your closest friends and co-workers and complete strangers it really hits you. and there is nothing better for this little lady that seeing a smile on her hubs face.

the last night there we had a little two much fun celebrating and we had to drive 4 hours home bright and early the next day with a car covered in love bugs and full of hangover.

{did i mention that super hubs came to my rescue}
{and packed the entire 5 bags of luggage}
{while i tried to not die. he's a keeper.}

this should sum it all up....


  1. ouch!! sounds like one hell of a trip, lady! on a side note i'm dying for the MK rose gold watch- lucky!!!


  2. I think it was worth it! love you

  3. We all really do just pick up where we left off.


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