Saturday, February 2, 2013


First I must begin with a brief apology 
for Day 10's tardiness.
You see, it has taken my almost 30 year old ass
all day to feel like a human being again.

Needless to say,
I don't get out much.
But when I do, I tend to get silly.

Last night was full of giggles,
jokes about 30 year old boobs,
tender moments between friends,
and a very cold, long wait for a cab.

Friends of your 30's are so wonderful.

I was fortunate as a child and teen to move enough times 
to have a very formative and diverse community of friends.
Through the wonders of social media, 
I have really had the awesome opportunity
 to stay in contact with so many of those wonderful women.

I can almost pull layers of myself apart like an onion, 
and tell you who influenced that tid-bit of my personality.
Those tid-bits that make me who I am today.
The memories, laughs, tears, and fights that got me to where I am today.

And as I take a good hard look at the women, 
who are major parts of mine and my families lives,
I am simply humbled.


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