Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Pinterest Closet

Are you in love with Pinterest?
Me too!
Do you ever find yourself pinning away and wishing 
that the outfits in the picture were really in your closet? 
Yup, Me too!

So I thought it might be fun to try and emulate 
some of those adorable styles we all wish we had.
I call it:
"My Pinterest Closet"

This outfit was pretty simple and easy to 
put together.
Here's what I wore:
worn in American Eagle jeans,
Hello Apparel tee (here is a link to their shop),
boyfriend cardigan from Target,
a vintage set of beads, 
and the hubs hat.

Funny thing, and I didn't even plan it this way...
I went grocery shopping in this outfit too.

If you would like to join me and be featured in
"My Pinterest Closet"
email me ( your inspiration photo and your copied outfit.


  1. Replies
    1. ....AND submitting pictures to me to post!!!! Your's are going to be adorable!


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