Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eat Cleaner and Greener

We are one week down, two to go.
My ideas about food are changing, wether I want them to or not.
My insides just don't lie.
Eating healthier makes you feel healthier.

I still miss my coffee, 
but I am finding that getting out of bed in the morning is so much easier.
And while there are some juices and smoothies that I hope never to encounter again,
I really was getting used to it.
I feel good about what I am putting into my body
and am reaping the benefits of the added energy and weight loss.
Down to 160 lbs.
That feels very good.

Although we have fallen into routine with our 
smoothies and juices for breakfast,
a solid food was welcomed with a smile this morning.
MMMMMMmmmmm. Banana Oat Pancakes.
You can find the recipe here!

These gluten free vegan pancakes were to die for.
They will definitely replace the old 'bisquick' kind.
I was a little thrown off by how filling they were, 
but after a week of feeling like I was on the verge of starvation,
I am not complaining.

We are looking forward to all the tasty 
meals and full bellies to come this week! 

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