Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last night as the hubs was settling in from a long hard day at work,
I said to him:
"Want to have a sketchbattle?"
His eyes turned on with excitement.
I continued:
"One word. One hour. No other rules."

Once the shock and excitement wore off, he answered:
"Is this Day 7?"
I gave him a nod.
"God damn it, I love you!" was all he could say,
and it was on...like donkey kong.

The hubs got straight to work.
Working diligently, like a master, 
as if he was making sure to make the best of every single second of that hour.
I love watching him.
He pays so much attention to every detail and attacks them with such intent.

I, on the other hand, 
work more so as the mood takes me.
Dabble here.  Doodle there.
This was my first 'sketch battle' you know.
And I have to admit I was really nervous.

 We had so much fun with this, and will be doing it far more often.
Even found a black book for myself on clearance today! 

I told the hubs to pick the word.
I was too nervous that I was going to blurt out something 
stupid and cheesy like "LOVE". 
So here they are...
our interpretations of the word 

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