Friday, February 22, 2013

Coffee Talks

I have to start this weeks Coffee Talk off by saying 
that I kinda feel like a bitch for even posting it.

Jess and I are often in sync with each other 
on these posts finding our selves thinking or dreaming about the same things.

But today's was just cruel.
I was sitting around thinking about how fun all the glitter was,
and how much I was going to enjoy peeling all that
Mod Podge off my finger tips.
Then I get a text with Jess' picture.
Somebody rescue that girl! 
Her hands are quite literally falling off!

"My two favorite messes, glitter and mod podge, 
combine for one awesome project and one messy hand." - Erin

"It's not pretty or glam, but its' true; the effects of winter." - Jess

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