Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  So, I sort of have this "thing" about me. I take a slight pride in my chameleon like abilities.  It brings me a little bit of cynical joy to remind people that we have met before, followed by them making that funny 'where do I know you from?' face.  What can I say. I like to change my look. Somedays I am feeling very retro, others days I just want to feel like a rock star.  Somedays I feel like a hot momma, and well, others I don't even get out of my pj's.

  You guys are all well aware how much I love a good #thriftyfind, because let's face it... all this changing can get a little pricey.  Which is why I am over the moon to tell you guys about my new partnership with Firmoo.com

  Firmoo.com is one of the world's largest online optical retailers.  They offer prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, and since they do not offer "name brands" they retail at an extremely affordable price! And you know that makes this girl happy!  Do you guys want to be happy too? Well guess what... Firmoo.com just launched their 'First Pair Free' program.  So why wouldn't you try them?

  These are my new specs! I have had the best experience with this company.  I love that the website is so stream lined and there are not 5 billion frame options.  There are plenty of quality frames that are trendy, classic, funky, or a little bit of all three.  While oohing! and ahhhing! over some of the best options, I was instantly drawn to this pair.  The split in color with the bold and daring yellow paired with the classic retro feel of the tortoise shell...these glasses had my name all over them. Like actually screaming my name.  And I don't know about you but wearing yellow just always makes me smile.  They are super light weight and comfortable, yet extremely durable - as I can attest to after stepping on them today...no worries...they survived! Like a champ!

  How do you know the glasses will fit? I know that's what you're thinking.  Well here's my tip: If you already have glasses, look on the inside arm to find a set of numbers that you can match up to the sizes Firmoo offers.  If you still need more assurance that the style is right for you, you can upload a picture of yourself and try them on...virtually.  Go here to get your first pair free.  All you pay is shipping - what a deal!  Seriously, what are you waiting for!

  I have even more exciting news about my new friends at Firmoo that I will be sharing with you tomorrow... So don't go anywhere!

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  1. They look super good on you babe!

    pls join my giveaway:


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