Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joys of Parenting: Proof

Sometimes my boy needs proof.
Proof that I am more than just his Mommy.
Proof that I was a child once too.
Proof that 'I can!".

We were wondering around the park,
playing, running, jumping, watching,
when we came across this perfect Flamboyant Tree.

I told him that he should try to climb it.
I then proceeded to pick him up and hang him from a branch.
He didn't care for it much...
I little to far from the ground I suspect.

Then I told him that I could climb it.
His response was priceless.
"Mom, No you can't!"

Well that was all it took.
I dropped my water bottle, keys, and my phone and 
I jumped right up into that tree.

His jaw hit the floor and he immediately grabbed my phone.
"I need a picture of this to show Daddy!"


  1. I love it! It's like when Cadence came off the bus singing miss Mary Mack and I knew the words AND hand claps. She thinks she's so cool...

    1. Doesn't feel great to blow your kids mind!


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