Friday, February 15, 2013

Green Mushy Cheaters.

I have been surviving on this for what feels like and eternity,
actually only 3 days.
I guess when all you really eat for 8 meals straight is some sort of 
blended, puréed, of juiced vegetable or fruit
3 days is an eternity.

It's probably also why my "hangry" got the best of me.
Last night, in a fit of hunger rage,
when I could not stand another bowl of puréed broccoli and avocado soup,
the hubs and I broke down.
I couldn't say no to his sad starving eyes, so when he asked if we could have subs for dinner,
I couldn't say no.
In fact I bee lined so dang fast to the nearest Publix Supermarket
you would have thought there was some sort of grocery emergency.

Well needless to say,
my tummy regretted my poor choice.
Although my baby food diet has been working since as of this morning 
I was down to 162.
Thats 6lbs so far.
16 if you count the 178 I weighed three weeks ago.
Not bad at all.

Today started off a much brighter day, despite the all day rain storm.
I found myself getting out of bed easier 
and less grouchy.
I was pleased to get a little 
Pineapple Spinach Juicing in before everyone woke up.

My routine friday morning yoga class
seemed to have more meaning to me today.
It was more than going through the motions.
There was a lot of thought and intent behind my practice.
It felt amazing.

The boy's and my new favorite smoothie is this 
Blueberry Mint Smoothie.
It's so smooth and refreshing.
I made a little substitution to the ingredients though.
I have been skipping the honey in my green tea,
and adding it to my smoothies instead.
I have found that it helps balance out the 'green' taste. 

This little 'baby bella' and kale scramble
with fresh sliced tomatoes is now my favorite lunch.

For a little late afternoon pick me up,
I have been making mint infused green tea.
Just plain. No honey or lemon.
I think I like it best this way.
Plus making it in my reusable Starbucks cup
makes me miss coffee less.

Dinner was to die for.
French Lentil Salad with a mountain of fresh green beans.
I made the hubs a chicken breast to go with his,
the lack of substance was wearing hard on him and I didn't want him to back out 
on being my cleanse buddy.

These are the meals that I have been waiting for in this cleanse menu.
Luckily I tried out some of these later recipes in the weeks before starting our cleanse,
or after 3 days of eating green mush I would have said 
F* this!


  1. Okay so I'm thinking about doing this before I go to Jess', but I'm pretty darn sure I can't go without coffee.

    1. I thought that I would have cheated on the coffee by now, but after about 4 days with out it I was totally ok. I still miss it, and CAN NOT wait to have a cup or gallon, but I can function fine with out it! I actually am finding that getting up and going in the morning is easier now than before. I am really glad that I gave up the coffee a week before starting the cleanse though, I would not have been ok! haha

  2. drop that Broccoli soup recipe on me you. thank you. hollis

    1. who the hell was i logged in as?

    2. there you go sir!


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