Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peanut Butter Puke.

The first day of our cleanse is behind us.
I woke up and didn't crave coffee.
That's not to say that I don't think about it non stop, but I feel like I can function with out it.
I rubbed my tired eyes so that I could see the numbers on the scale a little clearer.
That's where I will start.

I was excited to make the first breakfast off of our three week menu.
Mango Tahini.
The blender whizzed the ingredients into a 
sort of muddy yellow drink.
I took one sip and damn near upchucked it back into the glass.

I sat watching the hubs, in retrospect this was kinda mean.
I knew he was going to hate it.
I was sitting there choking mine down anticipating his first sip.
One quick draw on that straw and his face turned to instant horror.

He promptly shook his head,
and quickly made his way to the kitchen to discard the remaining smoothie.
On his return he looked at me like I was nuts, 
and said that the smoothie tasted like
"someone puked peanut butter into his mouth".
Honestly there is no better way to describe this horrid taste.
Peanut butter puke.

And now that's all I could think of.
I tried to finish mine, but could only gag.
So we started over. 
Mango smoothies.
Just plain mango.
Which we dertermined we don't really like either,
but it's better than the alternative. 

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