Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Bella Lulu Ink!

As you may have noticed, Turquoise Violets got a little bit of a face lift! This was something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime now.  And I finally found the perfect design and designer!!! I found Chelsea, of Bella Lulu Ink, on Etsy and she came to my rescue and gave my ho-hum blog and kick in the butt! Not only is she creative and talented, but quite frankly one of the nicest people that I have meet through blogging.  She walked me through my indecisiveness and together we came up with something really special! I am so honored to have her work displayed in my bloggy home!  Chelsea also writes a blog of her own, Bella Lulu Ink, where you can grab free printables every Sunday! They are all to die for, but this is my favorite so far:

 You can subscribe to her blog, Bella Lulu Ink, and never miss a freebie sunday! And if all of that wasn't enough she was cool enough for a little interview! SO with no further ado....Here She is! 

Everyone, Meet Chelsea!

ET: How long have you been doing blog design? 
Chelsea: Well, on Etsy, a whopping month!  :)  I've been manipulating blogs for about six years now, but didn't really start getting serious until about two years ago.  I've always loved changing my own blog design, and at some point it occurred to me that I could put all this creative energy to good use and make templates for other people rather than change my blog up every single month!  

ET: Where do you find your inspiration?
Chelsea: I am almost obsessive about visiting new blogs.  When I find a blog, I try to check out the sidebars and visit all the blogs linked to on said blog.  Sometimes I get lost for hours just hopping from one blog to the next.  I also follow some amazing graphic designers on Pinterest and I get daily inspiration that way.  

ET: Why offer Sunday free printables?
Chelsea: I started it because I had some printables I'd designed and figured I might as well put them out there in bloggy land.  Now it forces me to be creative in a different vein than I'm used to doing with all the current blog work I have.  I've been very gratefully busy since opening up shop, so I'm started to actually dream about designing blogs...every single night.  True story.  Being able to work on something a little different from time-to-time is fun!  It keeps me a little sharper than I'd otherwise be.  

ET: What could you be found doing when you are not blogging and designing?
Chelsea: Well, I have three children four and under, so most of my time not blogging or designing is spent loving on them, cleaning up spills, changing diapers and blowing on tummies.  And spending time with my geek of a hubby (he's a software engineer) who has inspired me and taught me so much!  Life is pretty crazy and totally busy, but I love it.    

ET: Who or what are your style icons?
Chelsea: Oh man, I don't know where to start.  First things first, I'm really into minimalism.  It's hard to sometimes break out of that box when designing for people who may not be so minimal.  I love lots of white space.  Bold black and white are my favorite.  But then I am totally crushing on all the watercolor that has filled the design world lately.  

I used to work at a newspaper as an account manager.  Basically, I was the go-between for the client and graphic designer.  I went to school for Public Relations and Advertising, but had no idea I'd end up falling so in love with the graphic design side of things.  Anyway, I could ramble forever here, but one of my favorite graphic artists that I worked with, Mary, is probably my biggest inspiration.  I love everything she does!  She inspired me to branch out and actually try the graphic design side of things.  

I also adore the Heartmade BlogTake Heart Blog DesignAngie Makes {yeah, she's a competitor but her stuff is amazing so I can't not mention her!}.  I could go on and on and on.  

ET: What is one funny thing that most people don't know about you?
Chelsea: I won't use women's razors.  Random, but true.  Men's razors all the way!  :)

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