Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today was Tech Free day in the 30x30 house.
The boy and I we with no TV, no computer, and no phone.
And well, the truth of it is, I cheated a little bit.

You see, the light in the American Apparel dressing room was way to cool to not snap off one picture.
So I did...and then my 3 year old yelled at me to "put my phone away."

Honestly, the entire day (which felt like the longest day of my life) was WAY harder than I expected.
I didn't miss our TV being on at all. 
I loved that we listened to records all day, because we couldn't turn the computer on.
I felt like a crack head trying to kick a habit with my phone,
and we completely lost track of all time and spent 3 hours at the park.

Would I do it again.  Sure.
Anytime soon? Probably not.
But, it was a great big eye opener to how much I/We depend on social media.
Lesson learned.

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