Thursday, January 24, 2013

#housewifeproblems: thrifting dirty

So it's no secret that I love a good thrifty find.
Sometimes you have to look past the perfect find and seek out the "potential find".

I spotted this blue pyrex bowl from across the flea market field.
When I picked it up to inspect it the boy freaked out.
"Mom, that's really gross and dirty, don't touch that!"
I was looking passed the mystery dried funk that was on the bowl 
and looking for chips and cracks.
Under all of this gross was a perfectly good bowl.
The Bowl actually.
This was the one that would complete my set.

So the bowl on the left is post wash hot water and soap. Still funky.

Here is the answer to this #housewifeproblem
My secret recipe for cleaning dirty pyrex.

1 tbsp baking soda
a few squirts of hydrogen peroxide.

Mix these two into a paste and then buff onto the pyrex using your fingers.
warning: it may sting a bit... you can totally use a sponge.
I just find it works better using my fingers.
Once the entire bowl has been scrubbed down, rinse with warm water.

I have used this technique to clean all sorts of items:
 pyrex, glass, hard plastics, metals, ceramics...even the kitchen sink.

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