Saturday, January 26, 2013


Day 17 was declared 
"Ashyr Day"

I told the boy that he could pick 3 things to do.
Anything that he wanted. To an extent.

That sweet little boy of mine could only think of one thing.
Playing with one of his best buddies, Tosh.
(I had honestly expected him to come up with some elaborate plan 
to get me into a chuck e cheese.)

So, he informed to that he wanted to have a picnic at the park.
He wanted to play at the park with Tosh.
And he would "tell me the 3rd thing later."

His day went on with playing and laughter.
As the day got later and later I anxiously waited for him to "let me know" 
what his 3rd thing would be.

As I tucked him into bed and kissed him good night, he said:
"Mommy, the 3rd thing that I want to do for 'Ashyr Day' 
is go to Legoland...with Tosh...Right now!!!"

Nice try kid. Nice try.

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