Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30x30: Giveaway

I am so very excited to share Day 13's 30x30 event! 
Today marks the start of a giveaway.
For those of you that follow e.trumble photography,
you know that I adore photographing families and kiddos!

What you may not know is that I also really really love photographing nature.
The winner of this little contest will receive an 
8x10 print of the the flower of their choice.

Here's how to play:
Simply choose the photograph that you like the best.
They are each numbered above and the full size images are all below.
Leave a comment here or on Instagram.
All votes count as an entry.

Want to better your chances?
Spread the love!
Share this post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram
and receive additional entries for each! 
(that's 6 total entries if you hit up all your social media!)

The winner will be chosen at random,
5pm eastern time on Feb. 6th

Best of Luck to everyone!
(did anyone get that lucky day 13 reference?)


  1. Number 6 and 5 are absolutely stunning! Mrs. Trumble you are so talented!

    1. thank you so much sara for your kind words....and your vote!

  2. #5 is where it's at! Beautiful photos other Erin!

  3. Okay so I thought #4 was my favorite, but it might be #3

  4. OR--------I'm hoping to win and picking the one that would look best in my house...hummmmmm

  5. I like six because Sam is always picking those and giving them to me as presents.

  6. Not sure if my last post went through...hmm.

    I love #1 the best! But they are all Beautiful

    1. Didn't get your last one, but I got this one! Just in time!!!


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