Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thrifty Finds

As promised, here are the goodies that I thrifted at Atomic Living.
I am a sucker for a good vintage skirt.  Being so long waisted and busty I can almost NEVER find a vintage dress that fits me correctly.  So over the years I have learned to just stick with the skirts.
My new "Collette Tours" bag had to come home with me.
It's the perfect size for carrying lots of things and it is super light weight,
but what really got me about it was the fact that it reminds me so much of the 
Paddy Noonan bus tour of Ireland
I went on with my great grandmother as a teen.
Ah memories.
And that vintage Darth Vader action figure carrying case.
You know that I couldn't pass that up for the boy.
He actually spotted it buried in a heap on the back porch of Atomic.
It was filthy, but I knew we had a gem.
I used the same technique to clean it that I talked blogged about here.

These two cuties were found at another local favorite of mine, The Bee's Knees.
This place is a great little treasure box in downtown Lake Worth.
The juice pitcher had been calling my name for a long time now.
I think that I looked at it about 5 different times. 
The last time we were there the sweet old man that works there 
told me he'd give it to me for half off...
he knew how bad I wanted it.  
And that pretty little necklace just spoke to me.
There is something so special to me about a vintage necklace that has stood the test of time.
And I may or may not have plans for this looker!

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