Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well, as these days are adding up, I have found that some items on my list have proven 
to be a bit harder to actually accomplish than others. 
Take Day 14 for example...
take a swim in the ocean.

Doesn't seem so hard since we live a mile away, 
yet I didn't take all the factors into account.
Even thought Monday was a beautiful 80°, 
welp that water was still icey.
Joining the Polar Bears Club....not on the 30x30 list.
Among other things were the terrible rip current and choppy waves 
and a major mess of sea weed.
All factors for a relaxing float were a negative.
Hey at least it was warm and sunny.

Yet the boy and I managed to play in the freezing shore break
 for long enough for him to end up soaked.

Of coarse it ended up just a perfect day,
just the way it was.

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