Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yesterday's 30x30 was one that I was not looking forward to.
(yes-I am a day behind now... I figured it was going to happen eventually)
The hubs loves scary really loves them.
Me on the other hand...terrified.

But, knowing how much it meant to him I wanted to really plan a scary movie date. 
One where I didn't try to immediately fall asleep on the sofa.  That's my normal defense against scary movies.  Not this time. This time I would "watch" the entire movie.
I mean, I am almost 30...time to grow up and face my fears.

To ease my pain the hubs set up a cozy little floor fort with popcorn and all.
We snuggled on with our hearts racing, his with excitement, mine with fright.
As the opening credits started to role I kinda thought for a half a second that I might enjoy this movie.
The soundtrack was starting off awesome and the cinematography was very cool.
Well, I made it about 10 second in before my face was buried in my hands and I was trying desperately not to hear the screams and shrieks booming from the surround sound.

I made it through the entire movie.
Most of my time was spent hiding from the gore. 
And the hubs rewarded me when it was all over with a
high school style make out session.

Moral of the story:
I hate scary movies.
But I love making that man of mine happy....
and I love making out. haha

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