Saturday, April 6, 2013

5 Pointz - NYC

When I was planning my NYC trip,
there was the looming visit to 5 Pointz that hung
 in a muck between the hubs and I.

I didn't want to go visit one of the birth places of street art without
my street art connoisseur of a husband.
Frankly, I thought he would never speak to me again if I went to mecca without him.

Jess mentioned it being one of the first places what she was going to take me
upon my arrival.  She know how much I love that shit too.
I had to graciously decline and explain the above mentioned death sentence.
So we went about our way planning our trip keeping me as far away from 
5 Pointz as humanly possible....Stay way from Long Island City!

Well much to my surprise,
as we pulled up blurry eyed and half delirious at the airport terminal 
to drop me off at the a crack of dawn,
the hubs leaned over kissed me and said:
"If you don't come to 5 Pointz 
and take a picture of every single thing, don't come home."

As you can very well guess, I was elated! 
After about 2 hours, 3 city blocks, and 195 snapshots later,
here are a few of my favorites...

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