Saturday, April 20, 2013

I saw this on Pinterest: DIY Vintage Tee

So, I saw this tutorial for making a new t-shirt feel 
as super soft and cozy as a sweet vintage shirt,
and knew that I had to try it. 

Here is what I started with!
I love love love this shirt except for a fatal flaw...
the cotton was so thick and stiff and the neckline chokes me out.
I knew it was the perfect shirt to DIY!

I gathered all my ingredients.
Made my brine and soaked for 3 days.
Just like the tutorial said.

And do you know what happened after waiting patiently for three days
and washing?


I thought that maybe I didn't use enough salt in the brine.
So I tried it again.
This time I used a full cup of salt.
Soaked for 4 days, washed and ....


By this point I was ready to throw the towel in on this one,
and then the oh so lovely
Jess Youngsman, of the Doe or the Deer,
It was like it was sent to me by the DIY gods....
a sign to not give up on this project until my 
favorite band shirt was properly aged!

So I followed her directions of 
a sea salt and baking soda scrub
followed by a watered down bleach bath.
I stretched the heck out of the neck and arm holes,
washed on hot,
and the result....
welp, I was closer to my desired results.

I was left with one problem.
That claustrophobic feeling of being strangled by my neck line.
I could only think of one solution....
Out came the scissors.

I marked where I wanted the neck line to fall 
and where the straps would need to be to properly cover my bra straps.
And then...Snip Snip Snip.

Perfectly aged.
Perfectly fit.
And I even got a little daring 
with the back and really plunged it out!

You should absolutely try this DIY, but skip all that bologna about brining your shirt.
Here are some tunes for your crafting pleasure!

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