Thursday, April 25, 2013

#housewifeproblems : Stinky Yoga Mats

Does your downward dog stink? No like literally smell bad?
Maybe I can help.
How often do you clean your yoga mat? 
I used to try all sorts of methods to clean my mat.
I soaked it in the tub with lysol.
I scrubbed it with clorox wipes.
I've even sprayed it down with a hose and let it dry in the sun.
However, non of these methods ever really seemed to do the trick,
or my mat would be soaked for days.

So, I finally asked my perfectly holistic yoga instructor 
what she did to keep her mat clean and stank free.
And this is what she told me.....

Stinky Yoga Mat Spray:

You will need an empty spray bottle (preferably one with a finer mist), 
witch hazel, and tea tree oil.
If you want to jazz up your bottle you will also need some decorative tape and a sharpie.

Step 1:

If you are up-cycling a bottle your first step is going to be to clean it out 
with hot soapy water.
If you are going to make it pretty,
wrap that sucker in your favorite decorative tape.
I used packaging tape, but you could also use duct tape or even washi tape.

Step 2:

So I have to admit here that I didn't really use any measurements.
I filled my bottle half way with witch hazel...

Then I added about a tablespoon of tea tree oil.

Step 3:

Give that bottle a little swirl and shake and label it.
Spray the solution all over your mat and give it a really good wipe down.
I was shocked by how much came off of my mat, so I actually did it twice.
The beauty of it all....
My mat dried instantly!
So I am throwing this in my yoga back to use after every class from now on!

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