Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

What would happen if tomorrow you woke up,
and all you had were the things that you were thankful for today?
What would be left?
 Would you be left with nothing?
Or would there be an overwhelming amount of things?
Would those 'things' be material possession?
Or would you be so full of gratitude and thanks that your insides would burst?

As I sit here and reflect on this thought, I am left to wonder what I would have.
I consider my self to be a pretty thankful person,
but I am not a "prayer".
Which begs the question....
If I am not taking the devoted time to bundle all my "thanks" into a 
quick synapsis for someone to hear,
does anyone know that I am thankful for the gifts in my life?

I remember the nights of my childhood, knelt down beside my bed.
Every night before climbing in between my sheets I would do the run down:
"Dear God,
Thank you for my Mom and Dad.
Thank you for my Grandparents.
Thank you for my Sibling.
Thank you for my awesome toys.

So, since I don't take the 10 minutes before bed to hit my "Thank You" quota...
What would I have left in the morning if all that was left was the acknowledged?
Honestly, I am not sure that anything would change.
And do I believe that you have to say those "Thank You's" out loud to mean it? 
Being grateful is a way of life,
and if you are....everyone will know.

Would I have enough?
Would my life still be full of joy?
I can answer these two with certainty.
Just because I don't kneel down and rattle off a list of things and people that I am thankful for,
doesn't mean that I am not oozing with gratitude.

So think about it.
What would be left for you?
Where would you be?
And who would you be there with?
Would anything change? 
Or are you living a life of gratitude to ensure that everything that you have is enough?

Don't focus on the negative.
What has happened has happened.
It's the past.
Nobody knows what tomorrow has in store for us.
We can only go into it with a positive attitude, ready to be thankful.
Today is all we can control.
Today is a gift.
Be thankful TODAY, right now, right this very instant, 
for tomorrow it could all be gone!

Be Grateful & Inspire

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